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Swingers dating

Are you looking to do some swinging? Perhaps you want to meet up with another couple to just swap partners for the night. Or perhaps you are looking to go to a swinging party just to add the excitement of not knowing who you might end up with. However, if you like the sound of this you are probably looking for some swingers dating.

Well, we can help with that. We initially set the site up for men who were looking to have sex with grannies. Back in 2006, this was slightly more unusual. But now it has become more mainstream with thousands of users signing up every week. Obviously, this is good news for you because this means there is more selection. But because so many people signed up, smaller groups started to form within the site. Before we knew it there were groups of men only looking to have sex with fat grannies, there were some users who were only interested in having anal sex. One of our biggest categories was swingers. It turns out that over 20000 people who are currently on Granny Dating are only really looking for swinging. In fact. It is so big we created a site just for the people looking to Swing.

Married and looking

This is really what it boils down to, a lot of married people fantasies about having sex with other women and more importantly other men’s wives. Women are even worse when it comes to having fantasies of an affair. But more often than not, people are uneasy about secretly having intimate encounters behind their partners back. (Not everyone as we have a lot of married people on our site who are looking to have an affair).

So what is the next step, well you could both just give each other permission to go off and have sex with new people? But again not many people like this as it could turn into a bit of a competition. Also at this point, you have to start setting additional rules, such as:

  1. You can only sleep with new people every time
  2. You can only have sex on the nights I am having sex.
  3. I want to know where you are.

Let's face it, that is never going to work. So most people come to the conclusion it is better to just go to a swinging event. Some of the main benefits are:

  1. Being able to turn up together and leave together.
  2. Know where your wife/ husband is at all points.
  3. Being able to meet the people your partner is going to have sex with
  4. A more relaxed environment with people who swing regularly.

The bottom line is that you both get to have sex with other people without any jealousy or additional rules coming into play. You know you can enter a bedroom with another man's wife for two hours. When you have finished, go downstairs, have a drink and wait for your partner. Then when you are both ready, leave together. It really is an ideal situation for couples who feel they would like to add a bit more excitement to their sex lives.

Health Benefits

Turns out there are even health benefits to swingers dating. Couples that have better sex lives are healthier and happier. Having sex with a stranger can be highly erotic and can teach you a few things in the bedroom. After going to swinging events a lot of couples say that they actually start having more sex with their wife or husband. So not only will you be going to arranged parties and having sex with new people, you will also be having more sex with your other half at home. That’s much more sex, making you a lot healthier and a lot happier!

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