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Is there such a thing as a free granny date? Well, this is a tough one? Is it possible to get anything for free in life? You see, a lot of men have a gripe with having to pay for an online dating site. But the other option is to just chat up women offline and this comes with a whole host of its own problems. It takes a lot of guts and persistence to chat up an older woman in the street and even if it all goes well, I seriously doubt you are going to be able to take her home that day and shag her.

Let's think about this before you go and chat with these women, the chances are that you have had a fair bit of Dutch courage. You have probably had a couple of pints to calm your nerves and give you a little bit of confidence. So this begs the question, do you count the price of that beer as free?

Say you do chat up a woman and then decide to take her out for a meal to impress her; is that bunch of flowers you have bought her free? Are the meal and drinks you have bought her for free?

You see the point I am trying to make is that there isn’t really such a thing as free granny dating.

The question then is, what is more expensive, signing up to a dating site or, going out, having a couple of drinks, buying different women drinks, taking them out to the theatre or the movies, out for meals etc. The list goes on and it all costs money. With this site, you have a huge host of women who are all online and waiting for sex. This cuts out all the crap and for the price of £20. I am willing to bet that if you wanted to do this the “free-way” by getting a hot granny into bed offline, it would cost you a hell of a lot more than £20.

Why not sign up for free and just have a look around and if you decide you would like to sign up and start meeting these women, pay the money and enjoy the sex.


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