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As you know we like to mention what some of our users are up to and this week we have had a letter written in by a 35-year-old chap called Chris from Cardiff. In this weeks letter, Chris is talking about meeting up with older women for free and his top tips in getting sex for free.

Without further ado, here is the letter.

“Hello my name is Chris and I wanted to write to you to give you these quick trip on how to meet older women for free in your area. Now if you are like me you are probably also signed up to This is obviously going to be my first tip. If you want to meet these older women for free, don’t think you have to rule out online dating. Why not sign up for a free service. There are many free services out there and the best one of all is obviously the site you are on at the moment which is free granny dating.

Online dating is a great way to get sex as it simply cuts out the shit. If all you are interested in doing is meeting up with a granny to fuck her brains out like 90% of all the other men out there then why not just speak to the other women in your area who are looking for the same thing which is no strings attached sex.

The great thing about this site is that everyone who is signed up is also looking for no strings attached sex. That means you don’t have to buy chocolates and flowers you can just meet up for the best shag you have ever had in your life.

What I like to do is sign up and just message a few women a day and see who gets back. For me, it is a bit like fishing. I cast my net out and see what I catch. In fact, just online dating fishing is free. You can catch as many fish as you like along as you have a rod and a boat and in my case freegrannydating is my rod and my boat.

Other ways to have free sex.

You have to think about where all these older women are in your area. They will more often than not, walk around the shops at about 10 am in the morning to buy some things from their local shop, why not just wait around for a few hours and when an older woman approaches, just be nice and friendly. These older women react really well to that and before you know it you could be back in their house getting your dick sucked!

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