story from a member

Fat-granny-fuck-1As a 62 year old grandmother I don’t always feel sexy but things are changing. I have recently shaved my nether regions and now I am bald downstairs. The only trouble is now that the hair has been removed, the men I meet from the dating sites are now unfortunately greeted with the most grotesque form of hanging ham. Well, at least I thought it was grotesque, turns out the majority of my handsome men actually find it attractive. One of them said to me on a recent sex encounter “yummy blue waffle, let me lick that waffle” “oh please Pete, don’t be so crude” I replied. Then as soon as he began licking, I couldn’t give a fig if he was being suggestive- the feeling was fantastic. I cannot experience a full orgasm like a used to in my younger days, I simply physically shake for about 30 seconds and it’s a pleasant homely feeling. But I have no trouble in making my men hard. Mind you some of the older men only drizzle out less than half a tea spoon of lovely jizz- but I am not complaining- I have had a guts full of that stuff over the years. The less seaman the better. Quite often at my age, I don’t swallow such junk but instead i cup the seaman into my hand and proceed to smear it over my lovely gentleman’s cranium – unlucky for him if he’s got hair because it curls into a mess, if he’s bald- well its a bit of moisturisation for the bald headed gimp. I have enjoyed using saucy over sixty as its helped me find people in life of a similar ilk. Basically people who love romping in the bedroom even if they are like me and are over the hill. Like I said before, my ham maybe hanging, but by god, I can and I will show you  how to have good time.