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Welcome to Free Granny Dating. This is Granny Dating but without the price tag. Viewing Granny Personals is totally free. However it will cost to send gifts to other members. Free Granny Dating allowing you to sign up in seconds and with our new platform it is easier than ever to find mature women near you for sex and intimate encounters. Why not become one of the hundreds of members who sign up every day for free?

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Meeting Grannies


Meeting girls when you are out with friends can be daunting, there are a number of elements that can all add up to make it quite a scary situation. The fear of her saying no is the major worry for guys, the embarrassment in front of everyone getting shot down in a pub or club is something that definitely does worry people. Not only this, there is also a major fear that even if they do appear interested in you, you might not even have that much in common. These fears are only amplified if your particular taste in women is over the mature variety, in particular meeting grannies! The issue that guys have with talking to women their own age is one thing, but when they are trying to meet older women, a totally different approach is needed. Firstly you do need to remember that older women tend to be more headstrong than their younger counterparts. For this reason, you can’t just walk up to a group of mature women or cougars in a bar and start talking to them, especially if they are in a big group. They will be very sharp with you and the beat down will hurt even more than if you were turned down by a woman your own age. The trick is that you need to know that the older woman is interested in seeing younger guys. Along with this it is also essential to know that you both have similar interests – even if you are only looking for a quick shag, you still need to have some sort of similar interests. Armed with this knowledge you will be successful in your pursuit of meeting grannies. One of the easiest ways to achieve the above is through looking online.   In particular freeGrannyDating.co.uk, the site is geared to young guys looking for older women online.  You can bypass all that was mentioned above, by knowing that the women on the site are perfectly happy to be approached by a younger guy.  Not only this, you can learn what the women are interested in, so you can make sure there will be some sort of common ground, before you take things into the bedroom for the real fun! There will be no awkward moments, where you’re getting turned down for any reason; you can message as many women as you want in a short space of time. By doing this you are increasing your chances of finding success on the site.   

story from a member


As a 62 year old grandmother I don’t always feel sexy but things are changing. I have recently shaved my nether regions and now I am bald downstairs. The only trouble is now that the hair has been removed, the men I meet from the dating sites are now unfortunately greeted with the most grotesque form of hanging ham. Well, at least I thought it was grotesque, turns out the majority of my handsome men actually find it attractive. One of them said to me on a recent sex encounter “yummy blue waffle, let me lick that waffle” “oh please Pete, don't be so crude” I replied. Then as soon as he began licking, I couldn't give a fig if he was being suggestive- the feeling was fantastic. I cannot experience a full orgasm like a used to in my younger days, I simply physically shake for about 30 seconds and it’s a pleasant homely feeling. But I have no trouble in making my men hard. Mind you some of the older men only drizzle out less than half a tea spoon of lovely jizz- but I am not complaining- I have had a guts full of that stuff over the years. The less seaman the better. Quite often at my age, I don't swallow such junk but instead i cup the seaman into my hand and proceed to smear it over my lovely gentleman’s cranium - unlucky for him if he's got hair because it curls into a mess, if he's bald- well its a bit of moisturisation for the bald headed gimp. I have enjoyed using saucy over sixty as its helped me find people in life of a similar ilk. Basically people who love romping in the bedroom even if they are like me and are over the hill. Like I said before, my ham maybe hanging, but by god, I can and I will show you  how to have good time.

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Hot grannies dating for free

There are some things in life that some people say you have to try at least once. Examples, foreign foods, bungee jumping, visiting international landmarks, skydiving, running the marathon... well do you know what, we have a new one to add to that list here at freegrannydating.co.uk and that is, Granny Sex. Yep, we are being deadly serious. After hearing so many stories from guys and grannies who have shared with us their most intimate encounters, we can confidently say that sharing the sheets with a dirty older woman should be one of those things you experience at least once in your life. And why exactly is this? Well just take a read of this members true story he shared with us after using our granny dating service: Tom-32-Windsor. 'I've always been interested in older women, ever since I was young and I'd play over at my friends house. They'd all be looking at the latest female pop stars and actresses on TV or in glossy magazines they sneaked into their bedroom. For me, I was more interested in taking continual trips to the bathroom, or to get a drink downstairs, all in the hope of catching a cheeky peek at my friends mum. I loved that she was older, and I knew she had buckets of experience at sex, these two factors used to really turn me on. As I've got older the fetish hasn't changed, apart from the age difference. When I joined freegrannydating.co.uk two things appealed to me, firstly, the fact it was free, and secondly I could potentially date a granny! After being a member on this site for nearly 6 months, I have to say it's trumped all my expectations. I'm regularly meeting mature women for dates and sex, and most of them are pretty local to me, which makes satisfying my cravings a quick and easy task. I'd honestly never have thought of joining a fetish site like this, but my god I am so glad I did, in fact I'm not sure I should say anything else, as I don't want anyone else to enjoy it too!' So you heard it straight from the horses mouth, a granny sex dating experience should be something everyone tries at least once in their lives! So with that said, sign up to our free adult service today, and try it at least once. We know you won't regret it....  

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Are you going through the internet right now looking for  site with some images of the hottest grannies on the net? Are you looking for some real mature housewives getting up to mischief while their husbands are out? Do you want all of this for free? Then you have come to the right place! We will post dirty images of our members every single week. These are real grannies who are posting these images to their personal pages. But we are aware that many men do not want to sign up and pay to look at these women's profile pics, so we we post them on our home page so you can just stop by and have a look when ever you want. If you want more you can sign up at the top of the page and have a look through hundreds of of dirty granny profiles in your area. Real women who are looking for no strings attached sex. But if you just want a free peep then look no further than this page! Our sites helps hundreds of people each month meet up for sex from all over the UK. We put thousands of people in contact for dirty chat online. But most of all we just give men a place to come and perv over some of the hottest women on our database! Enjoy it!


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Every guy looking for a dating site on the internet wants a free dates site that has real women looking for sex. This holds true for sites offering free granny dates as the guys joining the site will be mostly looking for filthy older women they can shag. Finding a hot gilf to date for fun and companionship is obviously a good thing but lots of guys want a good fuck as part of the package when they sign up for mature dating. Luckily, a majority of the old sluts who are members are also there in search of a good fuck. They want a guy or girl who can satisfy the need and ache that is their sexual hunger! The out cum we all want from free granny dates! You should always get the out cum you expected whenever you sign up for a free granny dating. If you are looking for a granny to shag, then you can be sure that you will find one on one of the best free granny dating site currently on the internet!